Gordon Brown is the moon to Tony’s sun

2 November, 2007

Poor old Gordon Brown; it’s just so unfair. Despite having had his finger in every one of the Government’s pies for the past ten years, he has been trying his hardest to distance himself from Tony and Be His Own Man.

It seemed to be working for the first 100 days, but suddenly, he is losing his lustre.

Undeniably clever, Gordon appeared to shine too when Tony was in Number 10, but now that the brightest star in the Labour firmament has gone, we become aware that Gordon was merely illuminated by reflected light from the supernova next door.

He has been left casting around for new ideas and trying to achieve momentum for his adminsistration.

Sadly, many of the new ideas have blown up in his face, and, such is the lack of momentum, that Parliament has had to be given this week off  and a further week next year, as the Government has run out of legislation to be put before it.

Running out of steam so soon (after all, Gordon’s had ten years to prepare for his take over): not something you could accuse the stellar Mr Blair of doing.

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