Tory proposals for long-term unemployed

11 January, 2008

Back after a bit of a break, so Happy New Year to you all.  

Listening to David Cameron’s proposals for those who refuse work to be compelled to do community work, I can’t deny that they struck me as rather familiar – see my blog on tackling dependency culture – so I am rather flattered. Of course, it could be that his team of advisors had exactly the same ideas as I, but I shall fondly imagine that mine was the seed that germinated.

If I have one small request, it would be that, in presenting the proposal, we see a little more emphasis on the life skills that can be learned through community work, and how, if managed properly, it could help give those who have never been in work the self-esteem and self-confidence that they need in order to apply for jobs.

That was the key to my proposal; it wasn’t about taking punitive action against slackers. If you read the detail of David Cameron’s suggestions, the emphasis is also on helping the long-tem unemployed, but the press have chosen to focus on stick, rather than carrot – plus ca change.


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