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Let me have men about me that are incompetent

16 January, 2008

My apologies to Shakespeare, but what other reason can our Prime Minister have for not sacking Peter Hain? 

Competence should really be the bare minimum expected of a Cabinet Secretary: any other senior manager would be sacked (or moved out of harm’s way) for incompetence, but in another fine display of lack of resolve, Gordon Brown has allowed the Work and Pensions Secretary to cling desperately on to power (rather a dispiriting sight).

What an insight into the prime ministerial psyche. Perhaps he is like the girl in my class at school, who told me that she liked to go around with ‘fat’ girls, “as they make me look better.”

 Perhaps the PM’s only hope of looking even half competent is to surround himself by complete incompetence.

But what a disaster for Britain.